HKU Music
The development of this website was made possible through the support of the Kwan Fong Endowment Fund.

  • Dr. Manolete MORA (project director, audio-visual recordings, audio, video & text editing)
  • Dr. WONG Ka Yan [Ivy] (website & media management system design and development, audio editing)
  • Dr. YIP Chi Lap [Beta] (media management system design, audio editing)
  • Mr. KAM Chi Lam Daniel (audio recordings, interviews, video editing)
  • Mr. LAW Ho Chak (audio recordings, interviews)
  • Mr. LEUNG Chi Hin Michael (audio recordings, interviews)
  • Mr. LEUNG Tai Wai David (audio recordings, interviews)
  • Ms. MUI Yee Man (audio and video recordings, interviews)
  • Mr. NG King Pan (audio recordings, interviews)
  • Ms. Juliette SIMMS (background research)
  • Ms. WANG Shuang (audio recordings, interviews, video editing)
  • Mr. YIP Ho Kwen Austin (audio and video recordings, interviews, photographs & editing)